I was lost in Russian Language when I started to study with her. Despite my previous efforts to carry my level in Russian to a functional base, I could not succeed by myself. She promptly analyzed my goals and created a well tailored course accordingly at the beginning. She definitely has her own style of teaching. Home works are designed perfectly for her identification and emphasizing the topics you have difficulties with. She perfectly prepares those home works according to your needs and very comprehensively comments on your answers. Live lessons are very enjoyable. You can be sure that the selected topics are always of your interest. She clearly defines tricky aspects of the language in a way that you have no chance to find in any grammar book.
I was little more than A1 when I started to study with her and after one year of study now I am quite able to communicate comfortably and read & understand technical texts with rare dictionary references.
She is definitely the one if you need a professional help to start or advance in Russian language.
I really cannot thank Polina enough for her efforts.