Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy of Russian Language for Life and Work describes practices I use for collecting, using, storing, protecting and disclosing personal information, which I receive from the users of this website.

1. The data collected

When you use the form to contact me or subscribe to the newsletter, it asks you to fill in your name and email. This information I need to know to whom and to which address to write.

When you leave a comment to a post, you are asked to fill in your name and email. These fields are optional: you can skip them.

I also use Google Analytics. You can learn more about the data collected by Google Analytics here.

2. Data transmission to a third party

All personal information is used only for the purposes described in the clause #1.

I never transmit personal data to any third party except:

  • Data collected by emailing plugin MailPoet, which I use to automate my mailings.
  • Data collected by Google Analytics, which I use to analyze traffic to this website.
  • Disclosures required by law.

3. Data protection

All personal information is stored on the server of my hosting provider, while Google stores the data collected by Google Analytics.

I take all the reasonable precautions to protect personal data from any unauthorized use (strong passwords, reliable hosting provider, regular antivirus checks).

You may also want to read the Privacy policy of Google.

4. Contacts

If you have any questions related to this Policy, don’t hesitate to ask me by email or through this form.

Published on June, 7th, 2017