Polina Kudryavtseva

Полина Кудрявцева / Polina Kudryavtseva

Hello, my name is Polina. Teaching Russian is not just my work, but my hobby as well. I like to see the progress of my students, how they speak more and more Russian better and better.

Who are your students?

My students are adult learners, who wish to confidently speak Russian in the business sphere and their daily life. There are:

  • Expats. Russian helps them in their work and life in Russia.
  • Employees of the companies, that have Russian clients, partners or suppliers. They often need Russian at work, go on the business trips to Russia. Russian helps them in their work and career development.
  • Amateurs. Learning Russian is their hobby.

What do you do on the lessons?

My goal is to help you to COMMUNICATE in Russian.

You can do grammar exercises, read books, articles, and watch videos without a teacher. I usually ask to do these tasks as a homework between the classes. This way you practice Russian more, and we have more time for speaking during the lessons.

So, we mostly speak on the lessons and at the same time we:

  • learn and repeat new grammar and new words,
  • work on pronunciation and intonations,
  • discuss and explore what a student finds difficult,
  • exercise to differentiate more and less formal styles,
  • practice to feel differences between words with the similar meanings.

Other questions

Yes, many learners have difficulties with some of the Russian sounds. But you can overcome them. For example, my student from Finland learned to pronouns sounds [ш] and [ж] (these sounds do not exist in Finnish), and to hear the difference between them and [с] and [з]. My student from China learned to distinguish voiced and unvoiced consonants (there is no such difference in Chinese, they differentiate consonants by aspiration). But most often I work with [ы] and soft consonants.

From time to time I publish posts on phonetics on my blog. Probably, they will be helpful to you.

I prefer Zoom to Skype. This tool is better for online learning thanks to some useful options. For example, you can mark, draw, make notes on the shared screen from both sides simultaneously there.

Course and lessons are planned based on your learning goals. That is why I never use any one particular coursebook. First, I make a plan to reach your goals, then prepare or find materials.

Not every student wants to learn to write and to read handwriting. If you want, of course, we will practice it.

The price depends on whether you learn in Moscow or online, and on whether you buy only one lesson or a package of five lessons. Learn more about pricing here.

Yes, you can cancel or postpone your lesson, but you need to do it in advance (not less than 24 hours before the lesson start time). Learn more about cancellation and rescheduling rules here.

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