How to write the letter of invitation in Russian

Today, let’s learn to write invitations in Russian. As usual, in this article, you will find more and less formal examples of letters, the list of useful standard phrases, and grammar notes to use them right in the sentences.

invitation in Russian

Formal letters

We’ll start with the official invitations, which you usually write to another organization or a client on behalf of your company. Here are several examples:

invitation in Russian 1

The producer of furniture writes to the furniture shopping center

invitation in Russian 2

The organizer of the technological exhibition writes to the potential participator

Let’s compare these letters. In both cases, the author starts with the invitation. Although, in the first letter, he invites on behalf of the organization itself (‘Фабрика мебели “Берёзка” приглашает…’), and on behalf of all the people, working there, in the second one (‘Приглашаем Вас…’).

The first variant is very formal. You can also write ‘Компания «Берёзка» рада пригласить Вас…’ here.

The invitation from ‘us’ (people working in the company) is quite formal too but sounds more human: ‘Приглашаем…,’ ‘Рады Вас пригласить…,’ ‘Мы хотели бы Вас пригласить…’

Sometimes you may want to invite on behalf of yourself. Let’s say you are the boss, who wants to make invitation more personal. In this case, you can write ‘Приглашаю…,’ ‘Рад Вас пригласить…,’ ‘Я хотел бы Вас пригласить…,’ ‘Разрешите Вас пригласить…’

Less formal letters

In a less formal situation, like when you write to your colleague, who you see at work daily, such ceremonies make no sense.

For instance, you want to invite your colleague to a meeting to discuss some current issue. Usually, it is easier to call or to use an online calendar. But if your colleague is not available by phone and you still want to agree on time before scheduling, you can write something of this kind:

invitation in Russian 3

Financial controller writes to his colleague

There is even no word ‘приглашаю’ in this letter.

One more example. You have a birthday and brought refreshments to the office, and now you want to invite many colleagues from different departments. You can write one letter to all of them:

invitation in Russian 4

Ivan invites colleagues to celebrate his birthday

As you can see, this type of invitation we write from ourselves (no impersonal ‘мы’ and ‘компания приглашает’).

Informal invitation

And finally, the least formal variant. Your colleague is also your good friend. And you can invite a friend by messenger:

invitation in Russian 5

Now, Ivan invites a good friend to his birthday party

Useful phrases

приглашать – пригласить (кого? что?) Вас / сотрудников / компанию

приглашать – пригласить (куда?):

  • в +что? (accusative) – в театр / в кино / в гости
  • на +что? (accusative) на выставку / на презентацию / на интервью
  • к +кому? –  ко мне / к нам домой / к сестре

компания N. приглашает / компания N. рада пригласить; приглашаем / рады пригласить; приглашаю, рад пригласить

  • будем (очень) рады, если … / буду очень рад(а), если…
  • (будем рады видеть вас) среди наших гостей / среди участников
  • мы бы хотели / я бы хотел(а) + что сделать?
  • что? состоится / будет проходить + где? + когда?
  • для + чего? необходимо + что сделать?

And now improvise some invitation in comments to have practice!

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