How to learn Russian language: 6 mistakes language learners often do

Do you already learn Russian for several years, but still feel no confidence speaking Russian? Probably, you make one (maybe more) of 6 frequent mistakes. What are these mistakes and how to learn Russian language effectively?

Today, I have prepared for you not just an article, but the whole e-book!

In this e-book you will learn, how not to learn a foreign language (6 common mistakes). You will also find the answers to the popular learners’ questions, like:

  1. How often do I need to learn Russian in order to achieve a desirable result during specific time period?
  2. How can I practice Russian in the real life, if I even don’t have any Russian acquaintance?
  3. What are the additional techniques to learn a foreign language passively?
  4. What should I pay attention for, when choosing a language group?
  5. What should I include into my learning plan, if I study Russian without a tutor?

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Wish you good luck in learning Russian


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