Russian language lessons

with Polina Kudriavtseva

Do you feel like you speak Russian in a strange unnatural way?  Maybe you just start to learn it? Looking for the ways to improve your Russian? Welcome to my private Russian teacher’s website!

Polina Kudriavtseva
Hello! My name is Polina! I work as a private Russian teacher. I specialize on General and Business Russian with the focus on speaking and listening practice.

My teaching approach

Russian lessons in Moscow

or Russian lessons by Skype

If you are located in Moscow, I can travel to your office. We can also find a place to learn somewhere in the center. Wherever you live, you can learn Russian by Skype. Moreover, Skype lessons are cheaper.

Focus on the speaking practice

Get ready to speak Russian a lot! I plan some of activities (like writing or watching/listening a long broadcast) as home tasks in order to increase your speaking time during the lesson.

Lessons based on Storytelling

Storytelling makes lessons more interesting and easier to remember (even in part of Russian grammar).

English or Russian instructions

In the very beginning I use English to explain and translate in order to save time and to be properly understood. Then I reduce English step by step. So lessons are held entirely in Russian from some point.

Learning Materials

Course and lessons are planned based on your learning goals. That is why I never use any particular coursebook. I start with making a plan to reach your goals, and then prepare or find materials, that suit this plan best.

General and Business Russian

I specialize on teaching General and Business Russian to adults. My background in economics helps me to choose meaningful Business Russian topics and to combine them with the grammar, you need to acquire at the particular stage.