Overcome your language barrier and speak Russian confidently and fluently!


Since 2015, I help learners to overcome their language barrier and speak Russian confidently and fluently. You also can learn Russian with me! There are several options: online lessons, lessons in Moscow, newsletter, blog.

Learn Russian with Polina

General and Business Russian Language lessons for those who appreciate quality learning. You can learn either in Moscow or online.

The key points of my teaching approach:

  • Individualized learning (preparing lessons, I take into account your goals, interests, profession; analyze, what is easy and what is difficult for you, which techniques work, and which don’t).
  • Regular homework and feedback.
  • Explanations in English (for beginners) or in Russian (for more advanced students).
  • Work on pronunciation (so that you understood well, what others say, and others easily understood you).
  • Grammar in the context of the lesson.
  • My own constant professional development as a tutor.

Prices Ι Rules

What do the lessons look like?

It depends on many factors. For example, your current level of Russian, your goals (to start speaking, to clean up grammar, to improve pronunciation, to pass an exam etc.), and your deadline really matters a lot.

Contact me, and I will design an individualized learning plan for your specific situation.

Please, answer the following question in your request:

  • What is your current level of Russian? (Or just describe your previous experience of learning Russian, what you already do well, and what still seems difficult to you).
  • What results do you expect to achieve from taking the course?
  • What is your deadline to achieve these results?


You will find different useful articles and tips on learning Russian, as well as lessons for self-study here. And I regularly add the new stuff to this collection.

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